To The Dads

Father’s day is a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating fatherhood. The day is dated from way back in the 1980s and since then it’s commemorated by over 40 countries. Father’s day os held on the 3rd Sunday of June in most countries. This day also complements the Mother’s day.
Many people take the initiative to pamper their fathers’ and grandfathers by sending gift cards among other gifts.

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Wishing all the dads in the world, including mine, Happy Fathers’ day.




18th July Mandela Day


Today is Mandela day. 18th July in 2010 was declared as ‘Mandela day” by the United Nations. This day was set aside to commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela which was his actual birthday. Today we celebrate his 94th birthday. In addition to celebrating his life, it is also important to note that each individual has the power to transform the world.


I leave with one of Mandela’s famous quotes: Take action, Inspire Change.

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Father’s Day Prep: Brace Yourselves.

Hello Everyone!

It’s Wednesday; mid-week. The weekend seems far and I am reminiscing the past weekend. The week seems longer.

It is time to drop my hands down, fold up my sleeves focus on the end of the week: WEEKEND.

Father’s day is coming up, Whoop Whoop!

dad edited

The date is differently celebrated across the globe. People take this day to celebrate and honor their fathers, express their love and appreciation. Nowadays, people celebrate their fathers in law, grandpas, step fathers and even uncles.

I can only imagine what you intend to do for your father or the man who cares and protects you as a father.

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Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Handsome!

Namaste !!