Can You Praise Yourself?

Can you praise yourself? How ?..

There are times that you don’t have to wait for people to praise you. If you do, it might take longer than you expect.  That should not worry you, because you can praise yourself and be a better you. Did you know that you could praise yourself? Praise and gratitude are like sisters or rather brothers.

  • Praise means: express self admiration
  • Gratitude; means readiness to show appreciation.



Speak praises to yourself especially after achieving your goals every day.

Set goals; these could be short term or long term goals

Break these goals down to min-goals that can be achieved more frequently like daily.

Contribute to achieving the mini-goals. In other words, keep the wheel moving.

Every step of positive in sights or results, reward you with praises such as Good job Carole, keep it up.

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Feeling good? Make someone else feel the same.