6 Reasons to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. I know at times it might be hard especially when you are facing challenges and nothing seems to go right. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Here are top six reasons to love yourself:

  1. You are 300% unique. I know I went overboard but you are unique. There is no else who has your smile or your laugh.
  2. Accepting yourself in your impact skin feels great. Self-love enables you to get a feeling of contentment and boost self-acceptance.
  3. You have been blessed with your skin, so wear it comfortably.
  4. Law of attraction is real. If you love yourself, you also attract people who love you as well.
  5. “Hate is too great of a burden to bear,” Martin Luther King, Jr. said. Lighten up and love you all the way.
  6. People come in and out of your life, and what are you left with? YOU. Coping alone is best with self –love.

It’s not a requirement that people love you but it is a blessing if they do. Everything springs from self-love.

Love x Love,



Father’s Day Prep: Brace Yourselves.

Hello Everyone!

It’s Wednesday; mid-week. The weekend seems far and I am reminiscing the past weekend. The week seems longer.

It is time to drop my hands down, fold up my sleeves focus on the end of the week: WEEKEND.

Father’s day is coming up, Whoop Whoop!

dad edited

The date is differently celebrated across the globe. People take this day to celebrate and honor their fathers, express their love and appreciation. Nowadays, people celebrate their fathers in law, grandpas, step fathers and even uncles.

I can only imagine what you intend to do for your father or the man who cares and protects you as a father.

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Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Handsome!

Namaste !!