5 Ways to Staying Healthy While Working Hard

I checked out today at the Daily Post and came across the Daily Prompts. Today’s prompt is Slog and here is a new post in response to the one-word prompt. Being a  newbie to the site, I am not sure how to participate, but I will give it a try.


Slogging  is a result of a pressurized work environment that one feels. You may work well under certain levels of pressure but once it goes beyond you, it becomes fatal. You may end up suffering unhealthy eating habits.

If you are one of the many busy people and find it hard to stay healthy, here’s some advice for you.

  • Stay Hydrated

Have a bottle of water at your desk filled with water. Alternatively have a glass of water which you can sip from time to time.

  •  Get a Plan and Stay organized

Plan you work in advance. You may consider creating a list of items you need to get done and allocate adequate time for each task.  This way, you get work done with minimal pressure.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • Get up your seat

If your job involves a lot of sitting ,  get up and get yourself a glass of water from the water dispenser. This facilitates blood circulation and releases the tension on your back and leg muscles.

  • Pack your lunch

It is easier to order food and have it delivered at your desk or office. However, it is better when you pack your own lunch. I know it is hectic since you have to get up early or stay up late preparing for your lunch, but it can be easier. You may opt to prepare the food before the week starts, probably on Sunday.

  • Take a stroll

Lastly, take so time off and take a walk around.I prefer taking afternoon walks. The strolls should not be too far and time consuming, remember you still have work to do. This will keep you active and refreshed.

Thank you for stopping by and let’s balance work, health and life.







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