What you need to know about Ramadan and Eid

I found this useful information on Ramadhan and Eid too.

habibi lifestyle

Eid Mubarak my lovelies! I hope the last month of Ramadan has been a blessed and fulfilling one.

Many of you know that I only started fasting a few years ago, so I’ve always struggled with the long hours as Ramadan has fallen within the summer months.

This year fasts lasted an estimated 19 hours. I admit I’m still building up my ability to go that long without food or water, but I’m so proud of myself for doing what I could in terms of keeping fasts.

I love the sentiment behind Ramadan and the celebrations Eid brings. I’ve also loved the interest people have shown over the last month. If I had to condense it all down for you in a few points, I reckon it would be the following…

I’m not starving myself.

A lot of people feel like it’s almost cruel to not eat or drink water even when…

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