Eating Clean Experience

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Eating clean has been very common especially in the health and fitness world.

I have been eating healthy for a better part of my life thanks to my mum. I later on released the great gift that my mum gave me. However, in college, I did not have my mum force or lure me to eat some foods. I decided what I would.  These decisions were coupled with weird cravings.

In college, having French fries, masala fries, cheese cake, pizza and carbonated drinks made me happy and felt at home. These foods were easy to get, I call it ‘take & go’.  They were always read, did not take too long to prepare event at home.  Comfortable foods.

Now I know better. I carefully choose to what to eat and what portions to eat. When I eat healthy, I feel better about myself, since I eat what my body requires. Eating healthy does not imply that I eat green and eat little to look skinny; I am talking about eating balanced diets.




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