5 Top Reasons to Eat Watermelon

Yeah its watermelon time, Beyonce accent.

beyonec dancing

I love watermelon so much. As hydrating the body, watermelon gives me a break from normal crystal-clear water. I bet you also get bored drinking water at times.

In addition to being a fruit, watermelon has got multiple benefits. Let’s dig into the top five reasons why you should eat watermelon more often.

Weight loss
Looking to cut down as few pounds or kilos?

Get engaged in a plate of diced watermelon. This will fill your stomach and give your body the essential amount of sugar.

Hydrate the Body

As mentioned earlier, at times I eat watermelon to break from drinking water. This does not mean that I substitute water with watermelon. Research shows that watermelon consists of 90% water. As it hydrates the body, your skin will be hydrated and prevent excessive drying and gives the face a natural glow.

 Immune System on Check

Watermelon is filled with Vitamin C which is an important mineral for the immune system. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system naturally through fighting the inappropriate radicals that cause diseases.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is a condition that is caused by imbalance of potassium and sodium in the blood. Watermelon is loaded with essential amounts of potassium that is needed by the body.

Fights cancer
Research have proven that watermelon have the ability to fight cancer cells. Yes, research has it; however this has been concluded yet. This has been indicated by the high level of lycophene in watermelon. This antioxidant has been linking to lowering the risks of breast, lung and colon cancer.



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