Good morning

January has been a very busy time for me so far. However, this morning, despite the cold weather, the day looks bright.

This is a post inspired by my friend, actually my work mate, Levis.

This is what he had for breakfast. I took a photo and tasted. “That is so like you,” he said. This was so creative of him. Eating fruits especially in the morning cold say 18 degrees is not for me, my teeth cannot handle that.


The bowl contained watermelon and yogurt, not just any yogurt but Delamere Strawberry Yogurt. The watermelon just melted in my mouth and gave me peace.

“Eating is good. It is the simple things in life that matter. Thank you,” my subconscious said.

That is how I started my Tuesday morning after so much traffic.

I am glad he let me take a photo and eat a few pieces.

This will be the first time on  this blog I get to share a personal experience which I guess will be a good thing and more will surely come.

Enjoy, and Smile always.


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