New Year’s Resolutions

new_years_resolutions_4It is time to set resolutions for the new year, if you had unaccomplished 2015 resolutions, you may consider extending them to 2016 or add them to the 2016 list of resolutions. In the case you have adopted the 2015 resolutions for the upcoming year, no problem. This time you have the same resolutions but now take a new outlook on it. I would advise apply the SMART goal setting technique on your resolutions.
I am not enforcing this strategy but recommending it and will use two examples: weight loss and debt reduction. This strategy is the most popular method used for goal setting globally.
S: Specific: you want a healthy lifestyle. For example you may consider losing weight or paying off debts. So these are the specifics of your resolutions.
M: Measurable: how do you measure your resolutions. In this case, state exactly the number of pounds to lose and the amount or percentage of debts you want to get rid off.
A: Achievable; this aspect looks at the rate at which you will accomplish your resolutions. For example, weight loss will look at your eating habits, working out routine and time that you allocate. For paying off debts, consider your current financial status. I am aware that January for a significant number of people is the “dry-spell month” meaning there is substantial low disposable income- which is okay.
R: Realistic: Is the resolution realistic? For simple resolutions it is easier to stay motivated all the way unlike complex resolutions.
T: Timely: Other than the one year term, you may consider setting short term goals in terms of months.
Following this strategy, you will be able to improve the quality of your goal setting (in this case your 2016 resolutions) and increase the probability of one realizing their goals.
With that,  go ahead and make your resolution(s) and all the best at accomplishing them.


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