Eating Goals #4Protein

The sight of juicy meat turns heads and makes one’s mouth watery and other actions follow. Other than meat, there are there food items that fall under proteins. These include poultry, seafood, dry beans, eggs, nuts, peas and seeds.


Protein is an essential mineral to the body; also referred to the building locks of life. Being the building blocks, proteins are essential to the structure and function of all living cells in the body.

While shopping for proteins at the grocery, there is a variety on the shelves. You need to be cautious to purchase what you require. In addition to the shopping list, you be keen on other things such as reading through the product label. On the label, be on the look out for the expiry date and the content especially for caned food such as ground beef. In the case, you intend to buy ground beef, go for that which the label reads 90% lean or higher. Other than canned proteins, consider leaner cuts of protein such as beef, seafood and poultry.

On the other hand, you may be looking to buy poultry; chicken turkey and the like. For poultry, it would be wise to choose breast; turkey breast, duck breast and chicken breast.

Choose leaner proteins and enjoy.


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