Eating Goals! #3 Water

Water is the most popular beverage in the world. As opposed to sugary water or flavored water, natural water has no side effects.

Did you know that drinking water helps cut calories?


Water and unsweetened drinks have the ability to cut down on calories. On the other hand, carbonated drinks like soda and  energy drinks are a major source of added sugar. This sugar is refined and thus more calories are taken into the body.

Are you craving some sugar or sugary drink? Drink more water instead of these sugary drinks. For flavor, add a slice of lemon or lime to your glass of water. Trying this, gives you more water and less sugar.

After an activity, there is an oxygen deficiency in the body. Powering up oxygen can be obtained by breathing in deeply or drinking some water. This way, water restores energy, hydrates the body after losing it, and replenishes water in the body.

The health benefits are endless; put down the sugary water and make natural water you number one drink.


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