Eating Goals! #2 Sodium

Sodium is good for the body, however too much of it is harmful to the body. While at the grocery store, carefully read through the Nutritional Facts label of the packaging. The label briefly illustrates the ingredients in foods and their quantities as well. With this information, choose lower sodium versions of foods such as bread. Avoid fast foods that may have too much salt, alternatively; you may make some in your kitchen and will be able to control the amount of salt. While shopping for canned foods, select the ones that are label, ‘low sodium’ ‘no salt added’ or ‘reduce sodium’.


While cooking, it is a common habit to scope some stew and taste it. Many cooks check for salt quantity in the food have embraced this ancient technique. In addition to this, adding salt directly to cooked food may be hazardous. In the incident, that salt is inadequate, it will be unwise to add salt as you may end up adding too much or many times. Excessive salt will result in high water intake  and you may end up with a stomach full of water from the excess salt or an empty stomach for not eating the food. Eating raw salt may also injure your tongue in the end.


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