Eating Goals! #1 Milk


Include milk in your meal plan, as it is good for the body. Milk is rich in Calcium which a mineral that is essential for bone formation and teeth strength. Milk can be categorized into two: whole milk and low- fat milk or fat free milk. Both of them are rich in calcium and other essential nutrients. However, low fat free milk has less calories and less saturated fat. It may not have the best taste of flavor but is good for a healthier you.

You can take milk at any time of the day; there is no rule for having this drink. While having cereals breakfast, opt for fat free milk. You can also have a glass of low fat milk in the day after an activity; this will replenish your energy. Hint: raw milk may be harmful to your health. Ensure you pasteurize milk before taking it to avoid microorganisms that can pose serious health risks. Pasteurization is the process for destroying harmful bacteria by heating the milk to a specific temperature over a specific period. Note: Pasteurization does not degrade milk’s nutritional but it kills harmful bacteria and save lives for people. Pasteurized milk is therefore, healthier than raw milk.


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