Tips to Reduce Fat, Salt, and Sugar

There is a saying that; too much of anything is poisonous. Yes, it is. Most chronic diseases are associated with high intake of a couple of foods or items. Eating foods that contain excess fat, salt or sugar may increase the chances of chronic ailments. For example; high intake of salt and fat poses a health risk to hypertension; high blood pressure. Let us look at some tips on how to reduce ingestion of fat, sugar and salt.

innerAvoid dip fried or fried foods, foods that get soaked in the oil and carry too much of it once they are out of the frying pan. Eating baked or grilled food is the better option. Do this for take away food and cooking food at home too.


Sugar is sweet but high intake of sugar foods posses’ risk of tooth decay and diabetes.


In a hurry to leave the house or office and want to get go to drink?

Drinking warm water would be best as it keeps you hydrated and helps burn fats. In addition to water, you can have fat free or low fat milk in place of carbonated drinks such as soda.


Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Replace sweet treats like cake for desserts. Serve fruits and vegetables every day. This gets better when you explore various fruits and different ways of serving, for example baked apples.


While cooking, include a variety of vegetables to your pot. Vegetables do not have to be green, you can add color with carrots or pumpkin or potatoes. With more color on the plate, it brightens you face and you get a chance to enjoy different flavors and gain more healthy benefits from these flavors.


In food preparation, salt is important. It gives the food taste. Little salt is ok but too much of it is risky to one’s health. For most people tasting for salt is a common thing; which good enough to ensure that the salt is just ok. In place of salt, you can use herbs and spices to add flavor. While shopping for your kitchen ingredients read labels and go for foods that are lower in sodium.


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