Dad Deserves More Than a Tie

Just like mother’s day, father’s too need the appreciation, love and gratitude.

Surprise your father, daddy or father in law to a memorable Father’s’ day this weekend.
Make daddy happy and healthy on this Father’s day at your home from morning to evening by ensuring that he eats a balanced diet. It is great to prepare him a meal that likes but keep count of the healthy benefits that he will ingest on this day. With a balanced meal, incorporate a fruit at the end of a meal. this way, he will have both vitamins, minerals and fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Here are a few suggestions:


At the breakfast table, add a fruit -like a banana or any other fruit of choice- that he would eat after having breakfast. Alternatively, prepare a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie that he would take down after breakfast.


For most people they will result to going out to a restaurant and dine with family or father on this day. Take a different by preparing your father a home-made meal. Also include a salad with various vegetables and make it as colorful as you can. the more the colors, the more nutritious and appetizing.


As the day proceeds, you may feel a little bit hungry or the need to nibble something. Other than having sweets or crisps or french fries to satisfy the urge to nibble, make him a get some vegetable and make him a tasty salad.


The day is coming to an end and before you know it, it’s time to have dinner. Keep daddy healthy with a balanced diet full of nutrients and remember to incorporate fiber into the meal as well. After dinner, is dessert time.  On this special day, treat him to a fresh fruit juice that will wash down dinner to his tummy.

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers in the world.

daddy 2


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