Junkie Junk Food

Junk food and fast foods have made way into our daily lives. Junk food is a word for foods that have low nutritional value and high levels of fat, sugar, salt and calories. Junk food ranges from pizzas, burgers, French fries, sweet desserts and carbonated beverages among many others.


You may argue out that it is healthy as long as they are prepared in a certain manner probably boiling or baking and the ingredients like less sugar or cooking oil. However, junk food offers minimal nutrients.

Over time, regular ingesting of junk food is the main cause of obesity among children, teenages and adults.

These foods are considered unhealthy since they affect the human health because of high concentration of sugar or fat which in turn leads to weight gain.

Junk food ahs been adopted in may households since they are tasty, trouble free and easily accessible. The high contrations of salt and sugar so as to extend or expand the shelf life of these foods.

Junk food poses a health hazard when consumed on a regular basis. For taste and change purposes, once in a while is a good idea.

Should you consider having junk food, below are facts to take note of:

Change of taste

You can decide to go off the norm by having junk food once in a blue moon. This is a idea to have the change since the taste will be different from of healthy foods. It is also good for digestion.

Small portions

As earlier mentioned, eating junk food on a regular basis posses a health hazard. Eating junk food in small portions, not harm your body.


When buying junk food ensure you are buying quality foods. Consider factors such as hygiene and packaging of the foods. This will reduce the health risks such as infections and diseases.


If you are eating junk food, engaging the body in frequent and consistent exercise such as aerobics training or join an active gym. This is because, the exercise will burn the calories taken in while eat junk food.


Eating these foods frequently leads to a decrease of one’s health. There is hope in eating fresh fruits and vegetables to compensate for the health loss from consuming junk food.


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