Bitter Yet Valuable Drink

Lemons Nairobi Kenya

Lemons are a great incorporation to meals especially the oily type as well as snacks such as samosas and fish. They are highly rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Fiber. They are also known to have more potassium than grapes and apples.
Lemons are bitter but precious to healthy eating. Be careful though because fresh Lemon juice can be uncomfortable especially on the tooth enamel; it is, therefore, advised to take diluted lemon water and rinse off the mouth thoroughly after drinking the lemon juice.

So what are the benefits of lemons?

Digestion Support
Heartburn, burping, and bloating are symptoms of indigestion. Lemon juice loosens the toxins that are or have accumulated in the body and helps in flushing them out of the body. Due to its temperature, it aids the digestion by flushing it and rehydrating the body. It also aids the production of digestive juices and thus supports digestion process immensely.

Lower Stress Levels
Having a rough day and just exhausted? Warm some water, squeeze a fresh lemon and enjoy the drink for a stress free day.  Being a citrus fruit, lemon is rich in Vitamin C which helps reduce the effects of stress.

Radiant Skin
Vitamin C in the lemon can be a remedy element for a clearer skin. This is because vitamin is essential for collagen production that is responsible for a healthy and glowing skin.  The antioxidants in the lemon juice helps to reduce the blemishes.

Liver Boost
Warm lemon water stimulates the liver by enhancing enzyme functioning. It also strengthens the liver by providing energy to its enzymes when  overdiluted.

Fight Sore throats
After a night out with friends, you might wake up to a sore throat. That sucks, I know. Warm lemon water will bring down the sore throat and any potential viral infections. As an immune booster, it will completely diminish these infections.

Immune Boost
The human immune system protects the body from disease causing pathogens therefore a boost in the system will replicate to a better and healthy body. The Vitamin C element in lemon acts as a jumpstart for immune levels, therefore protects the immune system deficiencies.

Weight Loss Remedy
Lemons contain pectin fiber that helps fight hunger cravings. This way you are able to avoid excessive eating or binge eating and pave way for losing weight.

Calm Down
Tensed or nervous? No more! Once warm lemon water enters you digestive tract, anxiety levels drop down and you are calmer. The scent of lemons also has calming effect to the nervous system.

Bad Breathe
Do people look away once you open your mouth? Hopefully not. But on the unfortunate chance that it happens, the bad breath issue is probably associated with your teeth. Worry no more. Warm lemon water contains citric acid that will erode the smell leaving your mouth feeling fresh. It also helps relieve toothaches and gingivitis.

Energy Boost
Warm lemon juice assists the body in replenishing essential salts back especially after a vigorous workout. The lemon juice acts as an energy booster after tireless and vigorous activity.


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