A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fruit

A stroll in the market and you will find people pick and drop fruits from shelves of local grocers; seemingly going through rituals that no one ever taught you when picking the perfect fruit. You may be wondering why not just ask the retailer to find you the best? But then again, finding a fruit that fits your specification isn’t that hard. Here’s a guide to choosing the best fruits  from the shelves:


Watermelons are different from the other fruits since the skin is always consistent and has no scent. However, you can still tell a ripe one from the shelf, whether it is sliced or whole. For a juicy watermelon, search for the heaviest. Heavier watermelons have water in them, and the heavier, the juicier. For those that are halved, you can compare them and pick the heaviest.


Search for oranges that are firm and colorful. Avoid creased or pale colored oranges; these are signs of rot.


Texture, smell and spots. Pears are better with spots. Yes they are. The brown spots are a sign of ripeness and not rot as most people believe. They need to be soft not tender and be sweet-smelling. Most vendors will afford you a sample to taste just to be sure.


You can tell an avocado is ripe by its skin and color. The bright green and firm skin avocados are better since they will take a few days to ripen. Alternatively, a ready to eat avocado will be somewhat soft (but not too soft) and dark green in color.


You may have spotted bananas with small blemishes and left them thinking that they are overripe. NO. You may have just passed those ripe and ready to eat bananas. Avoid bananas that have been bruised or the skin is left open. For sweet bananas lovers, enjoy the vibrant yellow bananas that attract your taste buds.


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